Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back In The New York Groove

Holy Cher it was cold in New York Motherfucking City upon my arrival in the deplorable Penn Station yesterday en route to Hookerstra University. Well, the coldness was accentuated for the sake of me being the most impractical dresser of all time. Sorry Kanye, but you can't argue this. I never abide by the forecast. OOPS is Miss Trunchbull going to put me in the chokey now?

It was really surreal coming back considering I haven't been here since Sarah Palin said something intelligent, but it was sure a warm welcome back. I wasn't even here for an hour and I was already laughing to the point of tears cascading down my rosy cheeks. And I really missed the Long Island "look! a homosexual out in the wild!" gawk I get from people who scrutinize me sauntering over to a table dressed like I just got expelled from Hogwarts the burlesque version.

First purchase I made when coming back. Yep.

Very integral items for those mornings when you feel like Rosie O'Donnell circa 1996 sat on your face. 

I've also been going through a jewelry/bling juncture recently, especially with categorical and premeditated themes and imagery:

The necklace above was designed by my future ex-husband, otherwise known as Justin Tranter of glam rock band Semi Precious Weapons who is blessed with owning his own jewelry line Fetty centered in Brooklyn. It is a heart with a pistol and other versions of this necklace also have: saws, daggers,hammers, and axes. Nothing like a little masochistic rough love draping from your neck. Filthy glamorous and it's contagious! 

Classes don't start till Wednesday and I'm sure we'll have lots of material to cover before then, nuggets. 

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