Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Call Me a God Damn Hipster Again And I'm Going to Run Over Your Face With a Zamboni

Any name or label you identify yourself with is false--the real you is unbounded and nameless, beyond all labels. –Deepack Chopra

Thanks, Deepy Poo. I couldn't agree more with this man's wisdom. (Follow him: HERE I promise his twats are good fuel to invigorate your day with a positive 'tude.) 

Another reason for me conceiving this blog is to voice my opinions on things that have been plaguing my mind for quite sometime. Lately I've been thinking a lot about labels. With the rise of hipsters, scenesters, and a flood of other labels stemming from these stereotypes, its always been a realm one can't ignore one way or another. 

Goth, artsy, emo, rocker, stoner, punks, and loners are all categories that are formulated circa high school. Everyone looks for a group to identify themselves with, and continue to do so beyond the nonsense that is Satan's ballsack high school. Now, people find themselves associating themselves with a certain label, creating a new one, or perturbing someone in another category.

Now, once a while I look like I got scraped off the streets of Williamsburg when I get dressed. But hipsters weren't the first to wear combat boots nor beanies. Labels derive from two branches: physical characteristics and/or an intrinsic attitude/set of beliefs. Sometimes I do dress and can fit the profile of a hipster, but I don't suck Kurt Vonnegut's dick or listen to music that doesn't exist yet by some obscure band called the Kiosk Banshees. However, when someone is ignorant and judges or refuses to hang out with someone due to their "type of crowd," it is that type of douchery I can't deal with. 

Most of the time when I get dressed I like to look like a heroin addict. I'm inspired by tragic people, rock n' roll,  and my idols. Pants scare me and I'd like to wear less of them, but I like to refrain from giving my parents heart palpitations. I do sometimes like certain "typical hipster fashion" too. I'm not trying to attack any sort of label at all, I'm just trying to somehow group my thoughts into some sort of organized clusterfuck so thank you if you've read this far. <3

 I GUESS, what it all boils down too, and the point that I'm trying to make is simply the idea that is embedded at the beginning of this post in the font that is large enough to have it's own zip code. YOU know who YOU are and don't let anyone else put you down. If you know you know who you are, there is not a label that defines you. You can kid everyone else, just don't kid yourself. There isn't another Greg Mania and I'm not another Kurt Cobain. You know who you are, be proud of that and even if people are ignorant or judge you, they can go make out with barbed wire. If you like what you're doing at the end of the day and you like who are you, fuck the rest.


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