Sunday, January 16, 2011

...Is Now In A Relationship With Duane Reade and NJ Transit

Happy MLKeg Day!

I'll be back in the New York groove for a day or two and will return permanently on Saturday. My best friend is moving from Puerto Rico to bloody,bloody 83rd street! In a year, a dream conceived from a pure ineffable inkling has made a unfathomable trajectory towards reality. With a few magical people in my life, a pack of gum in my pocket, and a dream, the year of twentybones looks like a extraordinary and supreme year.

I'm sure I'll have oodles of incentives for more offensive blog antics. My prognosis is definitely tearing NJ Transit a new one because of their sky high ticket prices. I mean, Jesus Horatio Christ. I'm going to have to apply for a layaway to pay for a fucking trip to Secaucus even though I contract H1N1 just from looking at that city.

ANYWAY. Pictures and inappropriate day wear to come.

Viva La Bad Kids!

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