Monday, January 24, 2011

Looking Like Your Hair Snorted Andy Warhol For Breakfast: Fabulous

A recent trend I'm seeing in le popular cunture is the return (or should I say mainstream resurrection) of comic book/ Andy Warhol-esque hair color.

...And I'm all about it. If you look like you shampooed your hair with a Marvel comic book, I praise you. None of that 90's dark undertone low-lighting that make people look like a fucking Oreo vomited in their hair. GregMania to the No.

 My favorite is the pop art/Andy Warhol blonde:

In an ocean of pure, anti-brass, LA pornstar white, going electroblonde yellow seems like the antithetical direction on the blonde spectrum to travel in. I love unexpected color decisions that no one would guess to put in their hair:

Queer Queen Cyndi Lauper

I remember being 9 and seeing pictures of Cyndi decked out in yellow hair and I begged my mother to aggregate my luscious locks with this technicolor glamour fabulosity so I could emulate her. 

Now fast forward to 2009 where GaGa decided to hop on the glow train by incorporating yellow hair into her wig inventory:

Warhol electroblonde, baby. 

Later in the year, Gags started sporting Yoko Ono inspired gray hair followed by a mainstream trend of unexpected color choices. Katy Perry has the dark blue Wonder Woman-esque hair and Nicki Minaj looks like a pack of skittles fornicated with her wigs. 

Thusly, a myriad of pin-up art and pop galore hair color is cascading its way to the red carpet and is offsetting a trend of this incandescent splendor. 

School spirit is usually depicted through follicle expression

My next follicle endeavor after I bleach my hair for the nth time will be this on the front of my hair where it looks like I combed it with a grenade:

Pink and Gray!

I'm pretty sure my hair is more damaged than the Titanic at this point but I'm a proud hair color addict and manic panic is my dealer. 

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