Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Swedish F[et]ish

I think it needs to be brought to attention that all the best things are Swedish. I arrived at this conclusion yesterday while galavanting through the divine, enticing and ümlaut congested aisles of Ikea with my girlfrans in Brooklyn. Although the names of each piece of furniture sound like baby food, we could not stop molesting every single thing that looked like Grace Jones wore it back in the 80s. Basically, our apartment will be satiated with celestial effulgence bestowed by Ikea, making our place look like the Jetsons meets Showgirls. 

So of the FOUR Swedish things that we are blessed with Ikea is one of them. Also, their food is ambrosial ecstasy. And CHEAP. A college student's wet dream. So after you're done gorging on swedish meatballs most likely made by Jesus himself, you can go gawk and refrain from buying everything in the store. 




3. H&M

This Swedish retail clothing store is a fun place to shop. And very gay! Hoorah rejoice LGBT community! Its a great place for hip and fun fashion and they have fucking awesome sales that makes anyone with pockets about as a deep as a kiddie pool revel and celebrate. I know I salivate every time I see the massive 75% off posters embellishing the store. 


Delicious and caloric. And colorful! Numnumnum.

1. Alexander Skarsgård

Need I say more? Sweden doesn't have a huge population but for them give us this radiating hunk of Swedish man meat is more than enough. Praise Baby J. This True Blood star is also a writer and director. Multi-faceted and yummy!

So 4 for you Sweden! You go Sweden. And none for North Korea. 

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  1. dont forget ABBA.
    and my future husband/the man of my dreams: kristian mattson (aka the tallest man on earth) he makes me swoon.