Friday, February 18, 2011

Think (In)Different

Its really vital to take some time out of your day and put your thoughts in the Witness Protection Program. Over thinking is never healthy. You over-analyze, compose infusible scenarios in your head, and bring up some things that should not be brought up that prone you to replace your lunch with Prozac.

Over-thinking can cogently decay any sort of good mood and scrutiny of situations can impel you to make rash decisions that you may regret later. So, to avoid this conundrum its pertinent you take some time out of your day to purge your thoughts away and find something that'll make you feel infallibly happy.

For me, its really important to saturate my day with a lot of music. Of course its not dandy all the time. Sometimes you just want to bake a cake and cry about something irrelevant. But for the most part, its how I keep myself sane. I constantly fall victim to over thinking and it never arrives to a good conclusion. But theres a difference between over thinking and healthy thinking. The thinking that occurs in the shower/car driving is THE BEST. The light bulb goes off the brightest during these places.

But if you're in your bat cave of a room thinking about some douchecrouton who parallel parked over your heart with an 18 wheeler 3 years ago: that is not good.

So take time out of your day to relax and do something that'll make you feel like you can conquer the world.


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