Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Greg Mania Ft. Not Pitbull

Have you noticed how hard it is for an artist these days in the music industry to attain a #1 without featuring a rapper or another artist? Is it that hard for their work to stand on it's own two feet without sucking Dr. Dre's/Dr.Luke's pee pee or bending over for David Guetta?

Endeavoring to fathom why ft.'s monopolize the Top 40, I've concluded it's unequivocally the name attached, not the anatomy of the song itself, which brings in the dolla bills. If you take out a rapper's portion in a song, won't the material itself suffice? In some collaborations, it's the perfect elixir for a hit record. Remember B.o.B's summer smash "Airplanes," featuring Hayley Williams? That song would have been nothing without her catchy ass chorus. But songs that randomly plug in Pitbull like Jennifer Lopez's comeback hit "On The Floor," make no sense to me. Go play with cougars, Pitbull.

The sea of autotune synth driven pop hits about being "up in the club" fabulize the nucleus of today's mainstream hits, with artists permeating one frivolous song after another. With the exception of some, radio waves are devoured with these trivial hits. Every time I turn on Top 40 radio and hear these shitty tunes I want to jump into a tank filled with piranhas and lawyers.

If anyone needs me, I'll be in Dexter's Laboratory making a time machine to go back to the 70's. 

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