Saturday, April 16, 2011

MANIA PRESS CONFERENCE: Let's Talk Born This Way Album Cover

VIVA LA SPRING BREAK BITCHES. Hope everyone is doing well and involving themselves in a daily dose of shenanigans. So, I woke up this morning to find exorbitant amounts of bedlam strewn about my social media timeline about the recently revealed cover for Lady Gaga's upcoming album Born This Way. 

So I'm going to address this in the best way I can: This is a new era. It's no longer discosticks and sequins. Born This Way's (coming from a predisposed notion cause not much has been exposed from the album) sonic impetus stems from electropop, with influences ranging from Nine Inch Nails to ABBA to sci-fi glam house beats that would typically be heard in an underground sex club in Berlin.

So basically here is the album cover:


The way I see it is a motorcycle epitomizes living on the edge; it is symbolic of freedom, spontaneity, and simply not giving a tit. The album cover almost perpetuates the theme of the album. It looks a certain way which provokes a negative response. People don't like what they see. So behind this maybe tacky-Microsoft Word-esque not-so-breathtaking album cover are some pretty amazing tunes. So if people didn't judge a book by it's cover, we'd live in a prejudice-free society. 

The response from fans I saw this morning was like someone died. What the hell? The adverse echo post cover art release was certainly expected. Of course voice your opinion! But after seeing the most insane tweets I will have to pull a Barack and address this shit like a BAWSE. 

Even with the album cover spurring oodles of opinions, it's not going to undermine the sonic brilliance this album will surely deliver in May. So the people who were tweeting "This makes me want to kill myself," or "I'm not going to buy this shit," relax. Sit on your couch, eat some Bon Bons, or go pick your mother some lovely perennials. This isn't Defcon-5. 

Also quite a coincidence the album cover was revealed on the heels of the JUDAS single release yesterday. The cover looks like it was inspired by Judas Priest's Painkiller.

So yep, there it is. I'm going to go do unspeakable things with Nutella and daydream about having Jake Gyllenhaal's children. 


  1. Or...., in case that any of you are not completely happy with "lady" Gaga's new album, I would suggest several catchy tunes by Johan Sebastian Bach which, I believe, provide much better bang for the buck! Here is a youtube excerpt from the St. John's Passion, ('Crucify him') I just love the animated boy with the curly hair, he's is completely into it, and that's how Bach should be performed. Love it or leave it. P.S. I am an atheist.

  2. Crap, the HTML appears to be screwed up in the posts. The character after '9Lww' and before 'feature' is suppose to be a question mark. Have to complain to blog people.. ;-)