Friday, April 8, 2011

Procrastination Is Hard Work

I swear if I could change my major to procrastination I would have a PhD and a 3902834098234.08 GPA. Mitigating my contempt for procrastination can easily be alleviated by doing my work but what am I doing instead? Answer: Sitting here eating half of Italy's Nutella while blogging in order to avoid writing a 15 page term paper and case study, ergo I epitomize procrastination. It's become abundantly clear that the only thing on my mind is spring break and I'm way to excited about too many things to contrive these insipid assignments. Thank Whitney Houston it's Friday, but I'd rather explain anal bleaching to my grandmother than advance on my assignments.

7 more days till freedom. However, Mo' Nature ostensibly doesn't want to keep a stable temperature. I'm freezing right now! Global warming better step it up or I'm building my next house out of Styrofoam, rainforest trees, and the tears of baby seals. I can't wait till it's warm enough for me to go rot in the fields of Central Park.

I also finished my asymmetrical design for my art class which was inspired by Las Vegas/hookers/grease and glam:

This is a more trippy version, but I still have some more edits to do. I'm expecting getting a therapist's number to call instead of a grade for this class by the end of the semester.

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