Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thrifting Crusades

So the latest item on my summer syllabus included terrorizing every thrift store in the tri-state area. I can now conclude that New Jersey had some pretty dismaying results regarding their thrifting inventory:


My fabulous partner-in-crime and I are fortunate enough to be privy to Pennsylvania's best kept secret so we made a day out of it to go see what they had for us. We went to a little town called New Hope that's right on the Delaware River, approximately 25 minutes away from where I live. Out of all the places we've perused, New Hope had the most peculiar and venerable garments, although some on the more pricey side. But if you're looking for retro circa 60's-80's Debbie Harry meets Madonna meets Cheryl Ladd style clothing, than this is the place to be. It's a plethora of chromatic disco hues and big shoulder pads. Lots of yummy see-through and a few articles of clothing that screamed MJ at me. I almost bought a red see-through glittery blazer but could faintly hear my wallet weeping after I looked at the price tag. 

But the kind of stuff I'm looking has a certain motif that I can't seem to find locally:

We're on a mission that could probably only be satisfied by coup de etating Judas Priest's closet more than New Jersey's thrifting scene. And let's be honest, we'll probably end up at Michael's for some arts n' crafts fun. 

So up next: Brooklyn! 

Will hopefully report back with some fabulous fashion!

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