Friday, July 29, 2011

Gaudy Bitch: Etsy Is Just a Gay E-Bay

Finally, my vest infatuation has been fed this past week courtesy of! As you may recall, I posted about my desire to acquire meretricious garments so I embarked on a summer long thrifting crusade. Now I like my vests short and small, probably because I like to mirror my dad's look from the 70's. And alas, my search bestowed two groovy vests in my hands:

The first is a custom made studded denim vest, originally from the 80's and embellished with studs and 2 patches:

Due to the tragic quality of my camera, I took a close up of the patches

One says "Icons of Filth" (appropriately so) and the other I initially thought was a swastika, but it's just a fucked up "F." Who put these patches on, Voldemort? Whatever, I dig it.

The next one is a vintage vest from the 80's as well, however it has been splashed with bleach and studded on the shoulders with steel studs. (In case you can't tell, I like studs.) There's also a sewn screenprinted canvas patch on the front with blood red thread:

Alright, so it says Dracula. Very well, I'll walk around with Edward Cullen. Maybe I'll sparkle in the sun. 

The bleach is a nice touch. 


So yeah, Etsy is kinda the best thing since homosexuality. Go check it out! 

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