Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So I Guess If You Wanna Get Away With Murder, Move To Florida

You can't even fathom the disbelief and animosity I harbored when I found out Casey Anthony was found NOT guilty following the death of her 2 year old daughter Caylee. The evidence surrounding the calamitous case unequivocally supported the fact that Casey was indeed responsible for her daughter's death. Even if it was a mistake, shouldn't have she at least reported it instead of trying to cover it up? This bitch spewed lies upon lies and still got off with an acquittal? I really hope all the toddlers in Florida are hitch hiking out of that state, because apparently murder is legal there. 

Listen, I watch enough Law&Order to legally qualify as a prosecutor and after scrutinizing this case since it's inception, I know Casey Anthony should of at least been charged with manslaughter. The pictures you are about to see were taken while her daughter was missing. Is this seriously what she was doing instead of calling 911?

Also, this was taken right after she got away with murder:


I'll bet you my left tit Casey Anthony is doing body shots off of Nancy Grace as we speak, and there is also a 99% chance Alyssa Milano is already practicing for the Lifetime Original Movie which should be in the works in about 5 seconds.

I'm assuming the amalgamation of lack of evidence and good defense lead to Casey's abominable acquittal. Either way, the dubiety I have in our legal system after this case makes me hope all the jury members get kidney stones the size of Brazil. Innocent until proven guilty? Well, fuck. 

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