Saturday, September 17, 2011

Would You Take a (Love) Bullet For Me?

Three months ago, in the East Village's notorious bar Three of Cups, brewed a vivifying inkling exiled from the minds of two girls who want to make an impact on the way we hear and see rock music. Rock n'roll virtuosos Ky DiGregorio and Rebecca Kiembock have embarked on a journey that has spawned the birth of Jet Boy Records, affectionally dubbed the "rock n'roll revival label," to today, as their first signed band is on the cusp of releasing their EP for the world to hear.

Jet Boy Records, an homage to the Dolls' (No, not Goo Goo Dolls, any rock n'roll enthusiast who thinks of Goo Goo Dolls when I say Dolls needs to get punched in the fallopian tube) infectious record, "Jet Boy." Aimed at a modern day reinterpretation of the infamous 70's NYC rock scene, Ky and Rebecca hope to spread the ideals and sounds of music that seemed to dissipate overtime with the introduction of auto-tone and #1's you can't tell the difference between.

Rock n' roll is not just about the music, it's an attitude. It's harnessed intrinsically and exudes itself by virtue of fashion, ideals, and even how you walk. You may say Jet Boy Records was brought into this world at the wrong time; a time when our airwaves are plagued with a plethora of frivolous over-produced Top 40 melodic travesties, but I say it's just the PERFECT time. If you dig deep enough, you can find bands all over the underground NYC scene that make you feel like stepped through a portal and walked right into CBGB. There's a palpable energy that may cause borderline hallucination such as seeing Johnny Thunders (whom I credit with the instigation of my puberty) smoking a cigarette, or you may catch a glimpse of The Heartbreakers on stage, and maybe even Sable Starr and Nancy Spungen trying to get someone to shoot them up. It's this iconic, morally ambiguous age that Jet Boy Records endeavors to capture and rejuvenate. They're an impeccable rock label paradigm that'll revive the way music thrived in 1970's New York City.

Now, I've been blessed to have Love Bullet's EP grace my ears prior to its official release in a few weeks. My dear friend Ky e-mailed it to me followed by ineffable joy surging through my body after I heard the record. It's the product of many sleepless nights, extreme fatigue due to excessive heat, perpetual espresso binges, and around the clock inebriation. And it's PURE unbridled magic.

Love Bullet's mantra and sound is very reminiscent of the Ramones. Tracks such as "Touch It" and "Like A Drug" permeate your cerebellum and are on mental repeat all day long. Lyrically and sonically, it fits right into my punk rock playlists and fails to disappoint when I play it for my friends. My undying infatuation with this album will unequivocally progress with every band that Jet Boy Records recruits into their rock empire. 

Make sure you follow Jet Boy Records on Tumblr by clicking the image above and follow them on Twitter HERE. And of course don't forget to follow Love Bullet HERE

The EP is expected to debut on iTunes soon so you bet your tits I'll be updating this blog post as soon as it comes out. 

*This post is dedicated to Ky and rock. Because without both of you, I would not get out of bed in the morning. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

R.I.P Summer '11/Enter Syllabus

Well, another summer that turns into nothing but a sweet memory. Succulent S'mores around bonfires, long walks at the beach, and driving with the windows down blasting your favorite tunes makes room for comforter choosing, Red Bull-satiated homework nights, and leather weather. Well, for us students anyway. I've already been ambushed by a myriad of syllabi, a precursor to the deluge of coursework and reading that'll sequester my social life and sleep schedule to the corner of the room that is life. I think I'd rather make out with Ke$ha after she bobbed for apples in a tub of bleach than have another sleepless semester.

But, the good news is that I'm back in New York. My lungs have missed the pollution-satured air. I haven't even been back for 24 hours and I've already purchased beer, cigarettes, and a new leather jacket (see below). There are some easy-on-the-eye freshman this year that make me wetter than Hurricane Irene. I hope I don't get arrested for saying that. I've also met a girl on my floor who is from the Lower East Side, so naturally I invited her over for beer so we can swap stories about which bars we threw up by.

The newest addition to the Mania leather jacket family. I'm SO SO SO exxxcited for fall, because JACKETS. My favorite thing to wear. Boom. I buy so many the magnetic strip on my credit card catches on fire.

The only underlining concern is the magnitude of work and high levels of stress I'll encounter during the semester, which might possibly leave this blog in a faint layer of dust. I swear I'll try to update it as much as possible, with posts most likely occuring towards the end of the week, usually spurred by inspiration accumulated from last night's drunken stupor. So I'll try to update it as much as possible, seeing that I have a few drafts ready to go. I just have to write them and fabulosize them before they are published on the Internet.

But I *must* bleach my hair at some point, preferably soon. I miss my uber blonde luscious locks. Priorities people!


That is all, see you soon. If not, just know that I would trade you all in for a McFlurry right before my syllabus induced death. Just kidding, you're all beautiful.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Expectations Vs. Reality Vs. Tumblr

Tumblr: basically a daycare for adults. Also, the leading cause of insomnia and an omnipotent cock block from productivity. However, my brewing theory is that Tumblr operates not only as blogging platform, but also as a reticent self-esteem killer and an discreetly devious manipulator that harps upon our expectations and reality.

I'm the first to say I've fallen victim to the social media conglomerate's hypnotizing bevy of gorgeous men and flawless women, garments that one can only wish would materialize in their closet, and borderline uncanny imagery that keeps us re-blogging till the sun sets. It unknowingly seeps into our subconscious, usurping our expectations of reality into a world fueled by fantasy and Photoshop.

Now listen, it's a necessity to escape into fantasy to survive, because it's the only way we can deal with reality. My imagination practically ruins reality for me. I'm not saying that the world of Tumblr is bad and that you should not be on it. It's indubitably the web's playground, infectious and amusing with numerous opportunities to get your voice heard via political activism, social justice, and cultural communication.

But what I'm targeting here is something that I discovered within myself. Personally, I don't have a Tumblr because I'm doing ok by me with my fabulous blog here. But I do find myself stalking my friends' Tumblrs by virtue of their humor, intrigue, art, fashion, music, etc. I see perfect men and women, fabulous clothes that I would sell my left first born child to have, and photography that leaves me speechless. I'm talking about the things you see like this:

It dwells on your self-worth and decays your self esteem if you're someone who's always wishing they looked different. It's like you scroll down the page and you can hear it whisper that you're not pretty enough, thin enough, "weird" enough, cool enough, etc. I even noticed that people say they fail to remember that they won't encounter the significant other of their dreams because of their desensitization to the alluring individuals they drool over on their dashboard. 

I mean reality isn't sepia with a hint of saturation, nor is it perfect. It would be boring if it were perfect. I guess that's the magical elixir of Tumblr's addictive nature. It offers an immaculate utopia, hence making reality seem bleak and uninteresting. 

So I guess what I'm saying is, the things you see on Tumblr certainly do glamorize life. And it's easy on the eye. But don't let it deteriorate your sense of self and your value. We're all unedited before we leave our abodes, and it shouldn't bring you down because someone has the haircut you wish to have, or a pair of heels that aren't in your closet. And you certainly shouldn't look down on other people. As fun as is to scroll down and enjoy the beauty of these images, remember that you're just as beautiful and that you possess the ability to make any change you want to make to yourself. Live your truth.