Monday, October 3, 2011


This movement conveys the core of a message that I've been preaching for a while now. SlutWalk(s) are a series of protest marches born in Toronto which have recently migrated to Chicago and NYC, and continue to expand globally. These convivial festivities embody a myriad of protestors who adorn themselves in "slutty" wench-tastic attire and march down the streets of these cities addressing societal values against "don't get raped" and emphasize focus on "don't rape." Society teaches us that dressing up in scandalous garments and acting in a licentious manner invite rape. WRONG. Bitch, these holes are RSVP only.

I love this movement and personally believe that is a crucial step towards decaying institutional tolerance. My friends and I dress for ourselves, not to pick someone up. Our first intention upon entering a bar isn't to actively seek someone to take home for the night. We should be allowed to be free in our bodies, and portray ourselves in any light we see ourselves fit. I mean I'm always describing my look as "James Dean metal junkie Snuggie whore" or "Hello Kitty pirate hooker margarita vamp," or I don't even fucking know, but the point is one does not dispatch the desire to get sexually assaulted by virtue of what clothes they put on their body.

So if you want to rock a pair of 7'' stilettos and a cheetah print mini, fucking do it. These protests embark on a powerful and cognizant edict that addresses many of the flaws that we touch young children.

So if you agree with me on any of these points, or if you just want to get your voice heard, attend one of these walks. Even if you want to go walk around in a bra and make some friends, look out for one of these fabulous slutterific orgys-on-the-go in your city! 

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