Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Conceived from the mind of an ambitious film student a couple months ago, film maker and visionary Cecilia Pérez-Homar embarks on a journey that unearths the Lower East Side Rock N' Roll culture and the family and friends that are bound by its lifestyle. It explores identity struggle, notions of confidence and bravery, loneliness, and an array of touching stories that gives justice to the fight we've endured to become who we are today. 

Notorious for its rock n'roll/glamour party scene,  leather-bearing-beer-guzzling cohorts, and gender ambiguous haircuts, NYC's best kept secret is captured on film by virtue of an extraordinary endeavor shot and edited by one of my best friends.  

I'm so blessed and honored to be apart of this project. Never would I have thought I would be given the chance to tell my story, alongside my friends to show the world the close knit family we've become, stringed by our ability to confidently be who we are without bearing prejudice or judgement. The streets of downtown Manhattan allowed us carve a space for us in the world where we fearlessly exude our identities and hold our whiskey high. 

Featuring Darian Darling, Breedlove, Marty E. (The Dirty Pearls), Penny Lane, Jocelyn S., Joe Kane, Greg Mania, and others!

This is our story. This is who we are, vanguards of the LES nightlife: 

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  1. Can I just say... you hair looks fierce ;) Can't wait to see the whole thing, love.