Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New York, Jameson, and Syllabi, OH MY!

Greetings, nuggets

Hope you all are doing well and remaining mentally stable unlike me. (If not fake it, remember: Stressed, depressed, but well dressed!) Fortunately, I'm back in the New York groove, classes are at full throttle and so is my overwhelming desire to burn a sick child's coloring book every time I hear the word "syllabus." I've already had an *ahem* instance, and by instance I mean a messy rendezvous with my good ol' friend Jameson. The hangover I felt on the first day of class felt like I deep throated a bear trap. I guess I was just not made for the archetypal college life.

To be bluntly honest, I'm over it. New semester. Same shit. Enter room. Scrutinize professor and peers. Receive syllabus. Engage in trite expository conversation on everyones' background and major. Commence weeks of stress and around the clock Red Bull binges. However, on a brighter note, I've been presented with an amazing opportunity that is a step forward towards my dreams, hopefully when the paperwork is said and done I can officially announce it!


On a brighter note, I've already made a few midnight pilgrimages into Manhattan on a whim because I miss my best friends and they keep me from putting my face in a waffle iron. Living in the same building for the past 2 years has spurred my abundantly clear cosmic prognosis about how I think this campus is in some sort of time warp. It's really bizarre and mildly psychotic. It's just so odd how I come back and feel like last semester never happened, yet remember it so vividly. 

I just hope things go up from here...

(Sometimes you wake up with your best friends after a spontaneous night of playing drinking games until 4 am)

Well, that's my update for now. I'm working on some comedic material at the moment, including a deleted scene from the "Twilight" saga, and my obituary. Hopefully when I'm not busy running around I can sit down and purge my fucked up thoughts and creativity for you to enjoy. 


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