Friday, April 13, 2012

Abolish Legislative Douchery

Since 1977, the Federal Advisory Committee on Blood Safety and Availability has instituted an archaic and discriminatory rule that forbids men from donating blood if they have engaged in sexual intercourse with another man, even ONCE. This bears an unfortunate circumstance by virtue of our nation's recent blood shortage, and if the ban were lifted an estimated 219,000 pints of blood could be donated according to Williams Institute for Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Law. It's a really fucking trite restriction considering ALL blood donated today is screened, and with today's technology HIV and AIDs can be detected up to two weeks before it is contracted. 

I myself have endured the effects of abominable prejudice from blood donating services which monopolize a large portion of my campus' social activity and fundraising events. Blood drives appoint people to persuade passerby students to donate blood, however make it abundantly clear to avoid students who fit a homosexual stereotype. I myself, notorious for an eccentric wardrobe considering 85% is dominated by womens' clothing (thanks mom), fear not to strut the corridors of the university in a purple cardigan from 1984. However, should I ask to donate blood, I receive a look of disapproval and repugnant disdain. 

Thanks to a brave individual and also a personal close friend of mine, Michael Heroux has taken a massive step forward towards lifting the restriction on gay men from donating blood. His petition has already heralded a massive impetus of 700+ signatures since its inception four days ago and has potential to get federal attention. By sharing and spreading it, we have a chance to lift this ban and save the lives of countless people. Tweet your twats, share on Facebook, post a bulletin on Myspace, or word of mouth works too! 

It takes two seconds to sign, so don't be a cuntbucket. Sign it HERE.

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