Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nuclear Mania!

I rolled out of my bed in Long Island, vomited, threw on a denim vest, and made the pilgrimage to Brooklyn to shoot the video for The Nuclears' single "Myrtle Avenue at 4:00 AM." It's just what Jesus would have wanted on a bright and early Sunday morning. I was in Brooklyn a few hours earlier drinking the most potent margaritas ever, thus the subsequent puking pre-video shoot, and there I am 4 hours later getting styled a la Nazi youth (see below) and drinking beer. Pizza, beer, and rock n'roll. I couldn't have asked for a better Sunday morning.

Sporting a new look for the video which premiered at a jam packed Tammany Hall on April 9th! Affectionally dubbed as GregMania 2.0--Hitler's Wet Dream

The premise of the video was a recreation of a German TV show, which was named under fraudulent purposes as "MusikScheibe." Shot at House of Yes in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the set featured a "live performance" as a crowd of 70's-esque teens insipidly danced along to the infectious tune of "Myrtle Avenue at 4:00 AM." Check out the clip below:

So make sure you purchase the single HERE along with the B-side "Don't Like it, Don't Get It, Don't Care" featuring some of the most impressive guitar riffs I have ever heard (I'm looking at you, Mick) along with artwork shot by one of my best friends, Ky DiGregorio.

Thirty seconds into watching these boys rehearse my pants are already drenched. Words do no justice for my love of these boys. Coming from a music snob, I vehemently agree with their title as NYC's best rock n'roll band. Talented and captivating musicians who pulverize the stage after every performance, as well as blossoming friends of mine, I'm proud to say I don't go a day without listening to a Nukes tune. So make sure you check these motherfuckers out. GregMania stamped and approved. Boom.

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