Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm Not a God Damn Fashion Blogger But...

As summer 2012 drops its anchor, I've decided to compose sort of a cumulative self-reflective lookback at the evolution of my style throughout the past couple of months. I feel like my artistry has gained turbo-speed momentum undergoing constant evolution and it's only going to get more experimental and over-the-top. Buckle up, bitch.

Here is a smorgasbord of the recent looks I've sported:

Really into crop tops of my favorite bands lately. So I've been ripping/fringing everything that crosses my path. Including humans.

Soho stories.
The higher the hair, the closer to God. Heart shaped sunglasses, homage to 60's and hippie movement. 
Sorry Simba, you look better on my body.
Handcuffs, because why the fuck not?

My favorite color is chetah print.

I've been fantasizing about long hair recently, so I've been working with an array of synthetic hair. Unbeweavable. 

Simply, boom.

Avant garde that is trying to be classy but reeks of trash. 
I was listening to Def Leppard one day so my denim just acid washed itself. 
Home Depot glamour. 

Punk around the clock.

I colored my hair red with a dozen used tampons.
Rosie the Riveter Warhol deluxe edition.

My goat. His name is Balthazar. 
Statue of Douchery.

These tights are my version of "sweatpants."

Tumblr vomited on me. 

Ok, these Studio 54-esque Lennons are getting more famous than me. Maybe it's time to adopt a few new pairs. 

Because I'm a schizophrenic hair dyer: yellow Cyndi Lauper 80's realness.

On the whole, I consider my look to be high punk street fashion. Usually any look I'm pulling has to do with what music and period I'm into at the time. I'm overwhelmingly cognizant of the symbiotic relationship between sound and image and I usually mirror and re-interpret the looks of an era, but always add my own magical Mania elixir.

I like a mild juxtaposition of religious motifs and goth imagery, especially with accessories. My wardrobe is 75% black, so as a perpetual mourner I enjoy fabulous morbid garments. Because sometimes I like to look to look like a really gay glamrocking Pope. I've recently been obsessed with incorporating an amalgamation of hip hop, punk, avant garde, sort of 90's NYC club kid scene into what I wear.

For me, it's not about throwing on a leather jacket and ripped tights anymore. Don't get me wrong, it's a classic and one of my favorite looks but it has become too stagnant for me. I feel like I'm at a stage where I'm going beyond the stud and spike. I want to explore and bring elements from other scenes and eras. Repetition is important, and once you have branded your most iconic look into the brains of your audience, then you may experiment and let your style freely evolve through intrinsic approaches. For me, I've got the big hair and glasses. Now I'm tip toeing into foreign territory, such as hip hop/avant garde movements.

Every article of clothing I put on my body has a meaning and derivative influence. For example, I don't just throw on an American flag shirt because it's "edgy." It's the emblem of thematic elements from 70's rock. It perpetuates the image of American society: American cars, American women, etc. My goal isn't to be trendy or sexy; I want to look interesting and I want you to think and to realize you're capable of molding yourself in any direction you choose. It's no longer about me anymore, I've found myself through myself. Now it's about making other people realize their creative freedom and that they possess the ability to relinquish their vision of how they see themselves from dream to reality.

So, I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes from here. If you care to scrutinize my stylistic endeavors and designer heart, follow my Tumblr HERE.

Well that concludes my first "official" fashion blog post. That was terrifying, but nonetheless thank you for reading, I love you!

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