Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Tunes Part Deux

Summer is the perfect time to sit outside your humble abode, light up a few candles, and drink enough beer to start making out with your landlord and get kicked out of a cab for masturbating. But, you're going to need a playlist first. Every year I tend to gravitate to a few particular songs that I find myself blasting in the car more than others. While terrorizing the tri-state area as your favorite left lane kamikaze, you'll probably hear these tunes obnoxiously exuding from my car while I speed past you to cut you off:

13. The Cranberries- "Dreams"

I mean, duh. Cruise in your ride and you'll instantly feel like you're in a Sunday afternoon AMC feature film.

12. Blondie- "Heart of Glass"

Blondie is always relevant

11. Cheap Trick- "I Want You to Want Me"

Ah yes, summer's proclivities such as having a crush and desire to be with someone. Unless you're me and just inhale a tub of Ben&Jerry's, masturbate, and pass out from crying every night. 

10. ABBA- "Waterloo"

If you don't like ABBA we can't be friends.

9. AC/DC- "You Shook Me All Night Long"

Drink Four Loko and get sloppily fingered on a park bench while listening to this gem!

8. The Runaways- "American Nights"

The goddesses of rock n'roll need to be present on any playlist. 

7. Hole- "Celebrity Skin"

This is a great song to black out to and then tell the bouncer you'd like to accost him in the parking lot.

6. Led Zeppelin- "Out On The Tiles"

My favorite Zeppelin record!

5. Paper Lace- "The Night Chicago Died"

I must have heard this song 5,000,000 times growing up.

4. Pixies- "Where Is My Mind"

Really into the Pixies lately and I'm not mad at it.

3. No Doubt- "Sunday Morning"

I guess I've resurrected my affinity for No Doubt. Can't wait for the new record!

2.  BREEDLOVE -"New York City Rooftop"

Wait until you see my friend's music video for this song (starring moi and your favorite glamdisco junkies directed by Derek Mega) and NEW version of this song produced by the immaculate Chew Fu.

1. The Kinks- "Lola"

The Kinks make my no-no area happy. 

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