Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chanel Memorandum No. 666

I've always been oblivious to the world of high fashion, however since I started working at a consignment shop I've meticulously paid attention to labels and what people buy. Consumers are seduced by the iconic Chanel logo and pitch bitch fits at faux Birkin bags. As a creative individual who uses his body as a canvas, my struggle is with the notion that there are no new ideas in creating and innovating. How does the business of fashion correlate with self-worth? Do these high labels reflect wealth or convey taste? It's what everyone with a creative drive strives for; contriving a unique image that is unlike any other. Originality, in truth, is non-existant. Originality is a dense subject hiding behind false frivolity in today's generation. Is Greg Mania merely a projection of a kaleidoscope of styles and references from all over the spectrum? Well here's how I feel about it:

Today's era of thematic relevance perpetuate the theme of "being yourself." Top 40 radio exudes that you are born this way or that you're a firework. However, my ongoing struggle is questioning how much of our brains are willfully our own ideas and not just a subconscious stamp of what we hear, see, and observe. Consumers are so inundated with media and pop culture that is subconsciously seeps into our cerebellums. We invest money into a multi-million dollar skeleton with a corporate backbone and capitalist heart. However, it's designers who produce such beautiful garments that help stimulate the financial blood flow of the industry. It's the name you're paying for. It's like I can feel the pair of Karl Lagerfeld pants wince in pain as I pierce a security tag through them at work.

The idea which burns my skull is how do I mold myself to attain a unique style and not fail as many before me have by obsessively trying to reach the top that only gets higher as they climb?

My latest work is taking high fashion and leveling it with street punk culture, blurring the lines between two opposite worlds on my own body. I'm taking how we view ourselves when we put high brand labels on and smearing it into the ground and getting it dirty. I've made myself become obsessed with Chanel, Moschino, Dolce&Gabbana, and Versace and to carefully observe their aesthetic in style and wealth. I study the shoppers at my store as they fondle a high label bag. It's not about how much you have in your wallet, but using what you have at your disposal now. Once you see the beauty in a low-brow accessory, it instantly attains more value than any price tag. It's making $5 look like $5,000.

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