Sunday, November 11, 2012

Greg Mania Loves Boys, And Briana Layon & The Boys, And More Boys

Much like my previous music post, there's nothing that makes me smile more than hearing new jams from my friends. They go from my inbox to iPod faster than you can say MittRomneySucksABagofBurningDongs. The latest songs I've been the lucky recipient of were sent from my friends Briana Layon & The Boys, a heavy rock n'roll band comprised of three dudes appropriately dawning long hair and an eccentric front woman who storms the stage as audiences gaze in admiration and panic.

Briana Layon & The Boys. Photography by Ky DiGregorio

I was fortunate enough to hear a sneak peek of Briana Layon & The Boys' highly anticipated single "All Yours" along with a few other tracks entitled "Playing Dead" and "Rope" off their upcoming album Blood Words. It's like the sounds of all my favorite bands like The Runaways permeating through my speakers, rejuvenating the allegedly dead spirit of rock n'roll. The recently released song "All Yours" is a coy, playful head banger, fueled with infectious guitar riffs that's sure to be a crowd pleaser when performed live. "Playing Dead" is a powerful, blues based rock n'roll track equipped with a soulful vibrato with nods to Janis Joplin. If you're not listening to it with a glass of Jameson in your hand and a cigarette in your mouth, you're doing it wrong. "Rope" is a song that makes you feel like you're a high school sophomore who just discovered things happen after curfew.

Briana Layon & The Boys performing at Tammany Hall. Greg Mania fangirling. 

Capturing the spirit of Courtney Love and Cherie Currie, bold front woman Briana Layon packs a punch on stage. Listeners can't help but want to get up and head bang while this fiery rockstar saunters on stage adorned in ostentatious attire whipping her luscious blonde locks. Classically trained, her versatile vocal range goes from belting out her band's notorious melodic vocal lines to sultry blues records. Sonically reminiscent to AC/DC, The Runaways, Wolfmother, and Hole, this band injects a dose of badassery and rowdiness into the frivolous, overproduced music scene.

Briana has become a friend for life since I met her at a Rolling Stones tribute for their 1978 record "Some Girls" back in April.

So make sure you download their new single "All Yours" HERE and spread it like herpes. 

Also check out a video of Briana Layon & The Boys performing live:

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