Monday, January 7, 2013

Baby You Know I Love You, But Ya Gotta Stop Bringing Me Down

On the heels of their recent single release, The Nuclears took to the stage at NYC staple venue Bowery Ballroom on Friday, December 4 to show the Lower East Side some good ol' Brooklyn rock n'roll debauchery. They opened for NYC heartthrobs The Dirty Pearls (who are leaving to go on tour with some Lady) and according to all the beer I spilled on myself while belligerently dancing I can safely say all the bands brought the house down. Besides being personal friends of mine as well as one of my favorite bands, the boys' nine song set pulverized the crowd along with their playful stage presence leaving looks of awe, enjoyment, and panic among audience members. Playing crowd favorites such as "Fast Cars and Loud Guitars" and "Eclipso," the boys also included covers of Bowie and The Doors. Briana Layon & The Boys front woman joined them on stage to perform their recent single too! If you don't know Briana Layon you should read THIS. Psst, I also heard she's cooking up some new tunes too!

Their latest single, "Baby You Know I Love You (But You Gotta Stop Bringing Me Down)"was recorded a few weeks ago when the band and their fiery red-headed manager Ky Digregorio (who also happens to my best friend) sequestered themselves to a mansion in Wingham, NY to lay down the vocals followed by mixing the track in Brooklyn (with help from fellow Bushwick band The Bottom Dollars, whose lead singer Brian Cherchiglia engineered and mastered the track). I heard the song many times before during its earliest stages of infancy, and I instantly fell in love with it. Its blues-esque vibe and infectious chorus has implanted itself in my brain until probably forever. Check it out below!

The Nuclears released 'Baby You Know I Love You (But You Gotta Stop Bringing Me Down)' as part of a split single package titled Windham Calling with The Bottom Dollars, check out the full release here.

(Also, a big congrats to my buds The Dirty Pearls for performing at all the official after parties for the Born This Way Ball! America doesn't know what's coming.)

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