Sunday, April 21, 2013

ClASS vs. Class

There's a fine line between being comfortable with your sexuality and being a straight up harlot. This idea has been marinating in my cerebellum since one of my closest friends and I sparked a conversation similar to this a few weeks ago.

It's abundantly clear that dressing a certain way can be automatically correlated with being promiscuous. First, let's get this straight: my outfits say that I’m incredulous towards cultural metanarratives but down to rage like a motherfucker.

Now, let me make this clear. The point of this post isn't to passive aggressively target people who harbor a preconceived notion about me because that would be trite and futile. Rather, this is for people like me who are placed under overwhelming scrutiny because of how they dress/act and are automatically slapped with a label, when in reality they come home, take their clothes off, and watch Netflix while inhaling Ferrero Rocher. (Read as: me).  It would be hypocritical to be angry and verbally assault people who think of me in that manner because I'm asking for it by virtue of my style and behavior.

But does that mean we're going to stop showing skin and being comfortable with our bodies and behavior? No. It just means we're comfortable with our sexuality. Does that mean I'm going to continue wearing knee highs while dancing in a manner that suggests that half of the tri-state area has seen my no-no area. Yes.

These perceptions are further accentuated by the images we put online. If I post a picture with no pants on, like so:

...Then I'm obviously asking for attention. But not find-me-on-Craiglist-and-I'll-tickle-your-pickle-in-a-Quiznos-bathroom attention. I have never been a one night stand type of guy. If you know me personally, you can verify to anyone that if I can get a guy to take me to McDonald's that's the feat of the year. 

People will talk, they will fan the winds of gossip by perpetuating rumors that may not be true. What's important is to continue to be comfortable in your own skin and be conscious of your potential, whether you're wearing pants or not. Hearing remarks directed in a derogatory and malicious manner will eventually mute against the volume your ambitions exude. 

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