Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Want a Train Longer Than the Line at the DMV, Damn It!

I'm happy to officially debut my creative opus: the button down gown. I designed it back in January and introduced it to the world on May 16th at NYC's chic Gerschwin Hotel for a star-studded affair I hosted. It was hand crafted and custom made for me by multi-faceted Brooklyn-based miracle seamstress Danielle DeMatteo who graduated from Hofstra University with me last weekend! Her skills range from accordion accompaniment to seamstress (I mean it when I say multi-faceted) and has been a good friend of mine for four years!

Subsequent to the gown's debut, I've been frequently asked what inspired the whole concept. Besides my whole raison d'ĂȘtre of pushing the boundaries of gender ambiguity, some of the inspiration was birthed from a fashion film and the rest came from impractical clothing. When I say impractical clothing I mean the attitude behind it.  It's the mental outlook of "fuck you, I will wear 7 inch heels before noon," or "yeah, I can't walk in this but I'm gonna wear it anyway because it's so fabulous" that invigorates my creative impetus. I love seeing someone wear something that most say is unfeasible and absurd.  So obviously, I had to add an 8 foot train that required three people to help me change in the middle of Madison Avenue.

Over the past two and half years, my style has evolved from bona fide punk to a more avant garde-punk-street-glam smorgasbord. Although my taste is ultimately rooted in punk, I've been into flowy and elongated garments this year. My desire was to create something that honored my style and vision but was new and different. I wanted something whimsical that pushed the envelope of my artistic capacity, but correlated with my image at the same time. It's no secret that I love wearing button downs, so I just made one into an overwhelmingly ostentatious gown with a train longer than the line at Six Flags on a Saturday morning.

Now, if only I can procure a pair of black latex opera gloves...

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