Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Amanda Bynes, The Preamble, and Product Placement, Oh My!

With hair that upstages the Empire State Building, why not use these attention-seeking locks as a canvas for my art? For a little less than a year now, I've been producing what I affectionally dubbed as "hair art," or probably more widely recognized as "hair stencils." From Lindsay Lohan to the U.S Constitution, each meticulously contrived piece designed to provoke stares of intrigue is saturated with a deeper meaning concerning culture and society.

Amanda Bynes
Lindsay Lohan

Ford Motor Company 
Advertise Here!
"Preamble Hair"
Photo on right by Nicky Digital
Pope John Paul II
Photo by Nicky Digital
Photo by Ky DiGregorio for PMc Magazine
The laborious method can take up to a week depending on how elaborate the actual design is. Text and logos are usually easier depending on the font and size. Murals of peoples' faces involve painstaking precision and patience. Once a portrait is photoshopped to negative, the tracing process on wax paper begins, followed by the overwhelming procedure of cutting out each detailed piece until it resembles the initial photograph. Cutting out each piece usually requires an X-Acto knife and, more often than not, my brother's surgeon-worthy hand. And finally, the stencil is sprayed on with $2 black hairspray that can be found at any Halloween or costume store. The gymnastics I perform during the application process qualifies me as a Cirque de Soleil contortionist. It's absurd.

With tragedies befalling young Hollywood starlets to product placement to subtle political tones, each piece conveys social commentary about our culture and society. My desire is to add my own flavor to the peroxide pantheon and graduate from the archetypal blonde iconicity. It's important to be aware of the influence you can spark with the attention you receive. 

So the only question is, who or what is next? It could be you! Just please don't throw a bong out the window that could hurt an innocent muggle. 

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