Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Episode V: The Empress of Swag Strikes Back

Le Cabaret De Mania repeat offender Brittany Campbell graces this blog yet again, this time with a teaser for her infectious new single's music video which debuts later this month. Produced by internationally acclaimed DJ/producer Kazuhiko Gomi and the Sovereign of Swag herself, "House of Glass" flourishes with Brittany's notoriously catchy melodies and impressive vocals that will be sonic Redbull for dance floors contaminated by overwhelmingly frivolous Top 40 tunes.

As you may or may not know, I've been writing and generally fangirling for Brittany for about a year now. From her artist bio to a write-up of her live performance at Tammany Hall last year, I'm thrilled to present the teaser for her upcoming music video. It's exciting for me to see the artists I adore and write for grow; and from the looks of the teaser, I'm elated to see Brittany pushing her creative boundaries and collaborating with a bevy of fabulous (and easy-on-the-eye) ((call me)) (((I'm serious))) cohorts.

The Mia Monee directed clip also features pro NYC skaters Piro Sierra and Luis Tolentino. Choreographed by Jordan Fife Hunt, the electrifying and vibrant new clip showcases Brittany's uncanny art direction which pays homage to NYC's creative urban landscape.

UPDATE: Check out the music video for "House of Glass" below!

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