Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Unemployment for S/S 2013

The calamity of post-grad life has yielded many new opportunities and anxieties. While I'm anxiously awaiting my return to NYC, I've been keeping busy with a myriad of projects such as contributing to Creem Magazine, continuing my freelance work and of course designing a plethora of fashion disasters that I can't wait to debut! Oh, and I've embarked on a new endeavor as I continue to make a mark on the selfie generation...

But first
As some of you may or may not know, I'm writing a book called "BORN TO BE PUBLIC." "BORN TO BE PUBLIC" (BORN TO BE PUBLIC all capitalized because I never know when to capitalize the TO or BE or NEITHER in BORN TO BE PUBLIC due to various conflicting grammar rules I've perused in various reputable style manuals such as the THE CHICAGO MANUAL OF STYLE and WEBMD.COM) is a compilation of comedic tales about my journey through NYC nightlife in the digital age. Although still in the early stages of buffering, BoRn tO bE PuBliC maintains academic discipline but seeks to enlighten (inspire) and entertain (entertain) while seamlessly juxtaposing the raunchy humor my readers are accustomed to reading. With chapters like "Our Lady of False Eyelashes," "The Gay Syllabus," and even the title of this blog post; I hope when the time comes you'll have as much fun reading it as I am having writing it.

P.S- If you're a representative for Random House/Penguin Group/any other publishing conglomerate, I promise I can present myself with restraint and grace (but still a FIRM proponent of bribery) and will relentlessly work hard to deliver you a best seller.

Also, hire me. (I heard there's a muffin basket involved ;)))))))

Greg "Overdraft" Mania

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