Sunday, June 1, 2014

8 Easy Steps to Alleviate Writer's Block

Few things are worse, like e-mails typed in Comic Sans or anal skin tags, than writer’s block. I’ve compiled a list of eight steps to combat creative constipation when it strikes:

1. Scream

2. Read something similar to what you’re writing about by someone else and gently paraphrase what they wrote.

3. Don’t do #2.

4. Do anything you can to take your mind off whatever is giving you a block. Take a walk, read one of your favorite books, or peruse Etsy for 33 hours straight for DIY spring themed ankle bracelets. This will re-charge your creative batteries and allow you to take a breath of fresh creative air that will open your creative passageways. Google “creativity.”

5. Read Yahoo! Answers in a shrill, drunken Southern housewife’s voice and have yourself a hearty, knee-slapping laugh. “Comedy nourishes your mental capacity and allows you to think freely,” (Source:

6. Write a piece called “8 Easy Steps to Alleviate Writer’s Block” and try to stop being blissfully ignorant of your own writer’s block. Attempt to write again.

7. Still nothing.

8. Repeat #1 until the words start flowing again.

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